Two Afghan youths get 30 yrs jail for killing of young girl

27th May, 2019 01:21:45 printer

KABUL: An Afghan court Sunday sentenced two teenage boys to 30 years in prison for the abduction and killing of a young girl whose brutal murder provoked a national outcry, reports AFP.

Six-year-old Mahsa Ahmadi was snatched off a Kabul street in March and was killed after her parents were unable to pay a ransom of $300,000. Police eventually arrested two boys and released a video clip showing them confessing. They said they had picked up Mahsa, driven her away on a motorcycle, taken her to a house and then strangled her after the ransom wasn’t paid.

In a televised court hearing, a judge sentenced the two youths to 30 years each in prison. Their ages were not released, but the judge said they were under 18.

For Mahsa’s father, the sentence was too lenient.

“I want the severest punishment for them, they should be hanged,” he said.