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Praava observed Family Doctors Day

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26th May, 2019 10:21:48 printer

Praava observed Family Doctors Day

Medical service provider Praava Health has observed World Family Doctor with a vow to raise awareness on family level relationship with physician.

Praava Health’s Family Medicine Doctors and Family Health Professionals, along with allied health professionals including nurses and phlebotomists, senior management were is the programme held recently, said a news release.

Praava Health is bringing back the Family Doctor and aims to be the first point of entry for patients into the health system. Praava also promises patients a minimum of 15 minutes of consultation time with Family Doctors.

Praava Health Chief Executive Sylvana Sinha said good relationship between a patient and a doctor is crucial for better health outcomes for patients.

Among others, Senior Medical Director Simeen Majid Akhtar and Family Medicine Physician Dr Kabir Ahmed Khan were present.