Lustrous Eid Fashion

26th May, 2019 09:57:57 printer

Lustrous Eid Fashion

Eid fashion is all about colours, glitters and patterns! Not only do we wait 30 days of Ramadan for this day, being the first Eid in row- it’s the one we anticipate for a whole year. Fashion on this day should be such that’s both vibrant and mesmerizing. On this day, you don’t need to feel shy putting on ultra dark lip colours. In fact, it’s the perfect occasion to upgrade your makeup skills. This is the day you can wear all the breathtaking shimmery dresses and look like a star. On regular days, it might seem a bit outré but the occasion of Eid gives you an opportunity to look your very best in whatever style theme you have chosen.

Prem’s Collections is one such fashion house that has kept all these criteria in mind. Prem Bombani, Director and Designer of Prem’s Collections, said, “Most customers prefer vibrant, lively colours during Eid which is why we have brought such flamboyant collections this time. All the dresses are ingrained with so much artistry, elaborate designs, lustrous colours and opulence that one would not believe it unless he sees it. Besides Prem’s original designs, many collections consisting of sari, long kameez, frock, tops, kurta, floor touching gowns, etc that have traveled all the way from different parts of India can be found here.” Take a look at these styles and incorporate them in your own Eid fashion.


Totally Chic!


This time promise yourself that this Eid will be the best one so far and explore the finest fashion out there to make this auspicious day even more fantastic.

Beauty In Grandiose Simplicity

The words grand and simple may not mix. Yet this dress is the epitome of such a paradox. The light silver colour blended with such sparkling designs is a treat for the eyes. It’s a spectacle you would want to carry with yourself on the day of Eid.


All That Glitters Is Adorable


All that glitters may not be always gold, however it’s definitely adorable. This brilliant sparkling long kameez with an ostentatious neck design matching the opulence of the dress worn with netted orna (dupatta) is the perfect style solution. Such an exquisite dress should only be worn with jewelry even more exotic!

What Every Girl Wants


The idea of looking gorgeous in a simple dress originated a few years back during Eid. However, the trend is so profound that its influence can be felt even on this Eid. Every girl wants that beautiful dress for this day which is both simple and luxurious. Pastel colours are a great choice here because when mixed with shimmery embroidery and extravagant embellishments, pastel dresses retain their simple harmonic vibe while looking drop-dead gorgeous.


Dress Fit For A Royal Party 


On the occasion of Eid, become a queen or princess and dress in such manner as well! This velvety dark blue dress with playful bright designs can earn you the title of a trendsetter. It’s something that’s fit for Eid’s evening parties, yet so uncommon that all eyes would surely be on you.

Wear It Like A Queen


Whether you choose a light colour or a dark one, make sure you add value to it with panache by incorporating the most lustrous designs one can think of. These dresses from Prem’s Collections are running the league and showing us all how it’s done. With screaming sequins, enchanting golden thread works, artistic local motifs and ethereal netted works, their collections remain unparalleled.