Paddy price should be TK 1200 per maund: Barkat

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25th May, 2019 06:39:23 printer

Paddy price should be TK 1200 per maund: Barkat

Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) president professor Abul Barkat on Saturday recommended that just-harvested coarse paddy price should be determined TK 1,200 per maund this year.

He came up with this observation, while placing the ‘Alternative Budget’ from Bangladesh Economic Association’ in the capital’s SIRDAP auditorium. 

He also urged the government to ensure fair price of paddy for the sake of farmers and said, “Per maund paddy should be TK 1,200 if labour value is added to producing costs.”

BEA President said there prevails anger among the farmers as they failed to get their returns invested in the cultivation of Boro paddy this year.

BEA General Secretary Prof Jamal Uddin Ahmed made address of welcome on the occasion to place fiscal recommendation for 2019-20.

According to Barkat, Agriculture is the major sector to enhance growth of domestic product.

“We believe, the government will ensure policy for development of farmers and agriculture following the philosophy of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. There are 1 lakh of farmers, who have no land to cultivate. The government should allocate 2 lakh bigha of khas land among the farmers to empower them,” Barkat recomanded.