Say hello to luscious lips with these DIY lip scrubs

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24th May, 2019 11:08:22 printer

Say hello to luscious lips with these DIY lip scrubs

Most of us follow a strict skincare regime during summers to save it from the harsh heat, but sometimes tend to ignore our lips which also get dry and chapped due to dehydration. A little care can help exfoliate the lips and get rid of chapped skin.

However, purchasing expensive scrubs can be tricky at times as they might carry hazardous chemicals such as paraben in them. A lip scrub is usually prepared using two components – an exfoliating agent and a nourishing agent that can penetrate your skin and help nourish it.

To help you have luscious lips, we have curated a list of DIY lip scrubs which are not only chemical free, but are also easy to make using ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen cabinet.

Here are some DIY lip scrubs for healthy lips:

* Sugar and honey lip scrub: Take a spoonful of sugar – we suggest brown sugar as it is softer on the skin – and add honey to it. Mix it well and apply the mixture on your lips. Rub it in circular motions for three to four minutes. Wash it off with warm water and then apply lip balm.

* Cinnamon scrub: Mix half a spoon of cinnamon powder with half a spoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil. Apply the mixture to your lips and massage for two to three minutes. This will help get rid of dry skin and make your lips feel smooth instantly.

* Almond lip scrub: In a small bowl, mix one spoon of coarsely ground almonds, one spoon of honey and two spoons of sugar. Apply this scrub on your lips and leave it for two minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and notice the difference, reports The Indian Express.