Daily essentials out of stock at OMS outlets

Rashidul Hasan

23rd May, 2019 10:39:00 printer

Daily essentials out of 
stock at OMS outlets

Trading Corporation of Bangladesh sells daily essentials on open market sale through its truck on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. The photo was taken from Secretariat area in the capital on Thursday. —sun Photo

Many low-income people are returning empty-handed from the open-market sale (OMS) outlets of Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) due to reduced supply for a ‘fall in demand’.

The ‘truck sale’ was meant for selling five daily commodities—- dates, edible oil, sugar, chickpea and lentil. But only one or two items, mostly dates and lentils, are available from these outlets.

Dealers said all the five items can’t be made available from the 10th Ramadan as their stocks ran out. Md Sakendar, who was visiting a truck-sale point in Gulistan, had to return only with chickpea and soybean oil.

“We are getting only three items, of which the stock of one item ran out. We are not selling dates and lentil since 10th Ramadan,” said Md Asharaf, a dealer of TCB’s OMS initiative.

State-run TCB launched the sale of commodities on 22 April from 187 spots across the country, including 35 points in the capital.

But during recent visits to some OMS outlets, this correspondent found that low-income people are not getting most of these five daily essentials.

TCB fixed the price of chickpea at Tk 60 a kg, edible oil at Tk 85 a kg, sugar at Tk 47 per kg, date at Tk 135 kg, lentil at Tk 44 a kg.  Md Alamgir, a dealer who was selling essentials in front secretariat gate, said, “Everyday we get 500 kg sugar, 500 litres soybean oil and 250 kg chickpea.”

Talking to daily sun, Md Miskatul Alam, deputy senior executive (office Chief) of TCB said after 15th Ramadan, the state-run agency reduced the supply due to a fall in demand.            

“Only three items chickpea, edible oil and sugar are currently on sale,” he said.

“But a crisis takes place when the demand goes up in some areas. But if the dealers want they can get more supply because we have sufficient stock of essential items,” the official said.

M Shekhabur Rahman, chief officer (commercial) of TCB, said, “TCB will sell 2,000-2,500 tonnes of edible oil, 2,000 tonnes of sugar, 1,000-1,100 tonnes of lentil, 1,500 tonnes of chickpea and 100 tonnes of dates during Ramadan.”