Eid shopping gains momentum in Khulna

23rd May, 2019 09:57:06 printer

KHULNA: With only two weeks left for the holy Ed-ul-Fitr, one of the biggest religious festivals of the Muslims, the shopping has started gaining momentum here amid huge supply of consumer goods and enthusiasm among the people for buying, reports BSS.

All the city markets are seen busy now to sell their commodities to the shoppers. Customers are thronging the shopping centres from morning till midnight.

The buying spree is likely to continue till the last day of the holy Ramadan. With the rise in the number of buyers, traffic jam in the city’s busy market places, road side makeshift markets and intersections, particularly in front of shopping centers, have become acute.

Retail prices of children, men’s and women’s wear both country made and foreign especially Indian, rose by 20 to 25 per cent than the previous year.

Markets have been decorated with some of their gates being illuminated with coloured neon signs.

The volume of transactions is relatively higher this year as the city’s Boro Bazar, Moshiur Rahman Market, Khaja Khanjahan Ali Hawkers Market, Nixon Market, Shaheed Sohrawardy Market, Esha Chamber, Akter Chamber, Malek Chamber, Dawkbangla Super Market, Khulna Shopping Complex, Khan Tower, KDA New Market, Arong, Safe and Save, KDA Avenue Markets and different shopping houses were humming with unusual Eid shopping crowd.

Small shops are found more crowded than the big shopping malls. Buyers in larger numbers, mostly women and children, are crowding the shopping centers before and after the Iftar.

Prices of different varieties of clothes, particularly cotton, silk and synthetic have registered a sharp rise although the shops are almost full of a variety of garments.

A ‘Lehenga’ type Indian cloth made by jorjet with mixing silk and floor touch long kamij.