My intention was not to hurt anyone: Nuhash Humayun | 2019-05-23 |

My intention was not to hurt anyone: Nuhash Humayun

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23rd May, 2019 03:27:56 printer

My intention was not to hurt anyone: Nuhash Humayun

Nuhash Humayun, son of noted writer late Humayun Ahmed has faced massive backlash over an advertisement he has made recently for a mobile operator.

Tecno Mobile, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong, made the commercial to target their Bangladeshi market. The social media response was divided into two, right after the commercial was released on Facebook on Sunday; one group is praising the message behind it while the other is complaining about the complete lack of sensitivity toward the subject-matter.

In the advertisement, titled “Running Rafee,” a remote hilly area of Bandarban has been shown. It features a young Bandarban local called Rafee who runs door-to-door of Muslim person during the time of Sehri at dawn, and Iftar at dusk, to announce the time for fasting. In a scene of the three minutes advertisement, a hindu man scolded the boy when he called them for seheri.

After facing massive criticism, Nuhash take social media to clarify his view. He posted a status on his faceboook page clarifying the issue on Thursday.

In the status, he wrote that the main concept of the advertisement was not his own, a third party proposed the concept and he liked it.

“The concept was to portray family relations. Since the place is very remote and Muslims are minority there, so the Muslim boy conveys the time of iftar and seheri to others,” he wrote.

Mentioning that there have ethnic people in his team, Nuhas wrote the ad is focused on the month of Ramadan, but it also reminds of the month of solidarity and bondage.

Nuhash also added that his family has been brought into the criticism to attack him personally. Even the boy who acted in the ad film is being brutally trolled.

He conclude his status addressing the critics that, “Those who are writing about this advertisement, talking about it, and thinking of what is bad, I want to tell you, I am listening to you, learning and becoming matured.”