Online Eid shopping reaches its peak | 2019-05-23 |

Online Eid shopping reaches its peak

Jannatul Islam

22nd May, 2019 10:15:54 printer

Online shops and e-commerce sites are experiencing a spike in orders ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, the largest religious festival for Muslims, as shoppers are choosing digital platforms for hassle-free shopping and get home delivery of their purchased items.

Shipments by online shops marked a 20 per cent month-on-month growth ahead of Eid, market insiders have said.

Thousands of digital shopping platforms have been developed amid the technological advancement in the country. However, ten to twenty e-commerce platforms are dominating the market, according to internet service providers.

Besides, the logistics firms working with e-commerce sites are also passing a busy time over the last few weeks as the orders must be delivered before the Eid holidays.

Clothes, ornaments, electronic gadget as and a wide range of gift items are among the top picks on the online shops ahead of Eid. E-commerce sites are also offering bus and launch tickets on their platforms.

Mobile financial services and other payment gateways operated by banks are offering up to 20 per cent cash back on payment for online shopping ahead of the festive season.

City Bank has announced 10 per cent cash back on shopping with Daraz for its user of American Express cards.

E-Commerce site PriyoShop has launched a month-long ‘Eid Shopping Festival’ to attract customers and boost sales during the Eid bonanza.

Talking to Daily Sun, PriyoShop Chief Executive Asikul Alam Khan said:

“Eid-ul-Fitr is the biggest occasion for the e-commerce sector as online shops get the maximum number of orders during this season. Under our special campaign, our customers are getting free delivery for Tk 500 shopping at a time.”

Country’s leading technology logistic firm PaperFly said their delivery personnel are passing busy time for the last few days to keep up with the rise in orders on online shops.

“Our responsibilities have increased as the online shopping sites are experiencing almost 20 percent rise in orders,” PaperFly Chief Marketing Officer Rahath Ahmed told the Daily Sun.       

Rahath also informed that they are also delivering products to locations outside Dhaka as the online shops now receive orders from across the country. He said they have extended their coverage to 4,454 unions across the country.

Online ticket platforms like bdtickets are extendeding their unique and user-friendly online bus ticketing services to help the customers book tickets without any hassle.

More than 32,000 retail points all over the country are now offering bus tickets to anywhere in the country on behalf of, according to a statement of the firm.