DO You Know?

22nd May, 2019 09:46:14 printer

•    Pink fairy armadillo is an armadillo species. It is the smallest of all known armadillos.

•    Known by the name ‘pichiciego’, it is found in Central Argentina. Its habitats include scrubby grasslands, dunes and sandy plains.

•    Their body length, excluding their tail, ranges between 90 mm and 115 mm.

•    Of all armadillo species, this is the only armadillo, whose dorsal shell is totally separate from its body. It is connected to the body with only a thin membrane, which runs right along its spine.

•    The pink colour of the shell comes from the underlying blood vessels, which show through the shell. It is the blood in the blood vessels that create the pale rose or pink hue.

•    The shell is actually fragile and pretty flexible. This means that the shell is not used as a protective armor. Scientists think that the shell is more for thermoregulation.

•    The colour of the shell can actually change depending on the environment in which the animal is put. Based on the environmental factors, irrigation of blood into the blood vessels can actually increase or decrease and thereby lead to change in colour.

•    When more blood flows into the shell or the carapace, the temperature of the creature’s body falls and draining blood out of the shell helps them to retain the body heat.

     •           This armadillo is actually a wonderful burrower or digger and remains 6 inches underneath the ground. It is such an excellent digger that it is often said that it is a sand-swimmer just like the famed sandfish (which is actually a lizard).