Mashrafe gets emotional on meeting Amin Khan

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22nd May, 2019 02:44:30 printer

Mashrafe gets emotional on meeting Amin Khan

Once popular film hero Amin Khan posted a heart-warming status on social media platform Facebook praising Bangladesh cricket captain Mashrafe Bin Murtaza.

Actor Amin Khan visited Mashrafe’s Mirpur office on Monday around 8 pm and it was their first meeting.

The Dhallywood star was amused with the captain’s behavior during the meeting.

In his status he wrote, “Mashrafe is now Member of Parliament. Since, it was on Monday there were a lot of people in his office. Yet we felt like no one else was there. Though it was our first meeting but it seemed like we were friends from our childhood. It’s beyond explanation how much we enjoyed.”

Mashrafe also shared his crazy memories of going to cinema halls to watch Amin Khan’s movie, he added.

The post also read, “Mashrafe along with his friends used to sell eggs, coconut and betel nuts secretly to afford the money needed to watch Amin’s movie in cinema hall.”

Mashrafe also joked saying, “Amin vai returns our money, we had spent lots of money to enjoy your movies,” Amin Khan concluded.