BAEC contradicts news on high staff salary of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Special Correspondent

20th May, 2019 06:19:23 printer

BAEC contradicts news on high staff salary of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

The Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) on Monday contradicted a media report that went viral on social media regarding alleged irregularities in purchasing of articles as well as high salaries and allowances for the employees and officials of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant construction project and Nuclear Power Plant Company Bangladesh Limited (NPCBL).

Terming the reports baseless, the BAEC claimed the news on unexpected salary payment published in some newspapers, online and social media is just a ‘speculation’. Those were produced based on speculation and imaginary information, said a statement issued by the BAEC on Monday.

The statement, signed by BAEC chairman Mahbubul Haque, feared that these types of news might create confusion about the country’s first nuclear power plant, the biggest project ever in the country.

The commission also identified it as threat to the image of the biggest, hi-tech and sensitive project of the country.

“All staff who have so far been working in the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant construction project are the regular staff of the BAEC, said its chairman.

For the sake of proper implementation of the project they have been attached with the project, he said adding they get their salaries and allowances from Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission as per pay scale fixed by the Government.

The staff salary structure of Nuclear Power Plant Company Bangladesh Limited has been fixed by the Board of the company in line with the salary structure of other similar public companies, he said.

The Board of Directors is constituted by representatives from the government’s finance division, legislative and parliamentary affairs division of the Ministry of Law, other Ministries and organizations.

Neither Project Director (PD) nor Deputy Project Director (DPD) of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Construction Project receives any salary or allowance from the project, the chairman said.

They are the regular staff of the BAEC and draw salaries and allowances from the Commission as per fixed pay scale. Project Director simultaneously serves as the Managing Director of the company, but he does not draw any salary or allowance from the company.

Besides, there is no scope of receiving salary and allowance from more than one organization, he claimed.

So far, no driver and cook have been appointed in the company, he said. So, the question about their salaries and allowances is illogical. But if drivers and cooks are appointed in future their monthly salary including allowances would be Tk 24,400, he also said through the statement. 

The drivers and cooks working in the project are under muster-roll and on daily basis, and each of them draws a maximum of Tk 15,500 per month. So, the information published regarding salaries and allowances of project and company staff are simply imaginary and an attempt to hurt the image of the project.

Recently, a local daily published a report on unusual purchase for the green city of the Rooppur power plant that created huge criticism in social media platform.

After two weeks of the publication of the news, the public works department (PWD) has formed a committee to investigate the matter and suspended the payment on purchase for green city.