Parents appeal to French president in right-to-die case

18th May, 2019 10:32:26 printer

LILLE: The parents of a Frenchman kept alive in a vegetative state for a decade appealed to President Emmanuel Macron Saturday to ensure his treatment continues, two days before his doctor plans to stop all medication, reports AFP.

Vincent Lambert who suffered severe brain damage after a car accident in 2008 which left him a quadriplegic is at the centre of a bitterly-disputed legal case that has torn his family apart.

In 2014, his doctors, backed by Lambert’s wife Rachel, five of his siblings and his nephew Francois decided to stop his nutrition and hydration in line with France’s passive euthanasia law.

But his parents, devout Catholics, and his half-brother and sister obtained a court order to halt the move on grounds his condition might improve with better treatment.

“Mr President, Vincent Lambert will die of lack of hydration in the week of May 20 if you do nothing and you are the last and only person who can intervene,” their lawyers Jean Paillot and Jerome Triomphe wrote in an open letter on Saturday.