Lack of Concrete Political Strategy

BNP men critical of party high command

Mohammad Al Amin

17th May, 2019 10:40:33 printer

BNP leaders and activists from grassroots to central levels are unhappy with the party high command as the party cannot finalise its political strategy, sources said.

Party insiders said BNP itself also cannot explain the reason behind its recent decision on joining parliament to the leaders and activists and its allies. At the same time, BNP also cannot fix its strategy whether it will go through the path showed by the government or wage any movement to realise their demands, they said.

“BNP rejected the results of the 11th parliamentary elections but the party high command suddenly took a decision to join parliament which has tarnished the party’s image. It seems that the party has no concrete political strategy,” a BNP vice-chairman told the daily sun.

Asked whether the party has any particular strategy, BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said, “Why I will tell you my strategy? Despite huge repression and oppression by the incumbent government, BNP is still surviving in politics.”

Talking to the daily sun, he further said, “None stays well during the current Awami League regime. Frustration may prevail among some people [leaders and activists of BNP]. But our political consistency must exist. There is no reason to consider us weak in politics.”

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir at a meeting of the 20-party alliance on Monday night said the party will contest the by-election to Bogura-6 constituency and nominate a candidate for its reserved seat for women.

Out of total six, five lawmakers-elect of the BNP took oath and joined parliament but Mirza Fakhrul refrained from taking oath for what he said was a “strategic decision”.

“Giving explanation of their decision of joining parliament, Mirza Fakhrul told us that a new polarisation is going to take place in the country’s politics. That’s’ why BNP has taken the decision to join parliament,” Saifuddin Ahmed Moni, general secretary of Democratic League told the daily sun.

Asked whether the BNP has taken the decision to contest the Bogura 6 by-polls and nominate candidate for the women reserved seat, Nazrul Islam Khan said that “decision has not been taken yet in this regard.”

After the joining of parliament by BNP lawmakers, crisis has surfaced inside the party and its two alliances — 20-party and Jatiya Oikya Front — as most of the leaders and activists of BNP and its allies disagreed with the decision to join parliament, sources inside the party and alliances said.

Many leaders and activists of BNP and its allies believe that by joining parliament, which was formed through an election ‘full of irregularities’, would be tantamount to giving a clean chit to the polls.

BNP insiders said the party is now in crisis whether it will resolve problems prevailing inside the party and its alliances, strengthen the party or wage movement while the party high command also cannot make any strong strategy to beat the ruling Awami League’s political strategy.

Talking to the daily sun, some central and grassroots leaders said in absence of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia who has been staying in jail, the party’s unity is hampered and there is no coordination among the party leaders to take its activities ahead.

The BNP cannot take a strong stance as it has lost its own strength and become dependable on others, they said, adding that the party high command must make it clear to people what is its stance about the previous general election and what will be its next programme to realise demands, including release of Khaleda Zia from jail and immediate general election under election-time government.

The grassroots leaders of the BNP in several phases of meeting with the party central command have proposed strengthening the party, waging a greater movement immediately for the release of Khaleda Zia from jail and cutting relation with its political ally Jamaat-e-Islami, a party of war criminals.

Talking to the daily sun, a political expert who is also a well-wisher of BNP said, “Global political trend has been changed. BNP has to rethink about its political strategy. If it does not revise its political strategy, cannot overcome its current crisis and fails to take to the streets, then its existence will be at stake.”

Krishak Sramik Janata League president Abdul Kader Siddiqui recently at a press conference threatened to quit Jatiya Oikya Front within a month if inconsistencies are not removed from the alliance. “There’re many inconsistencies in Jatiya Oikya Front…I’ll pull out our party from Oikya Front on June 8 if the inconsistencies are not removed by this time,” he said.

On May 6, Andaleeve Rahman Partha, chairman of Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP), quit the 20-party for various reasons, including swearing-in by seven MPs-elect of Jatiya Oikya Front. “BJP thinks that BNP has lost its moral right to reject the December-30 farcical election by taking oath,” he said.