New DSCC wards get 167 km roads, 171km drainage | 2019-05-18 |

New DSCC wards get 167 km roads, 171km drainage

Rashidul Hasan

17th May, 2019 10:36:37 printer

Development of roads, drainage systems and construction of footpath in four unions —- Shyampur, Sarulia, Dania and Matuail—- of the 11 newly formed wards under Dhaka South City Corporation has brought a sigh of relief in the lives residents of the area.

Prolonged waterlogging of most of the roads in those areas, especially during the rainy season, has been causing huge sufferings to around 1.5 million residents of the areas.

The construction of new paved road and drainage systems and footpath has brought relief to the residents by improving access to transportation and other civic amenities. 

When we have started the project, most of the roads of these low-lying areas were muddy or submerged in stagnant water, causing immense sufferings to the residents and serious traffic congestion all the times, said Mithun Chandra Shill, executive engineer of DSCC zone-5. 

Under the project, 167.88 km roads, 171.65 km drainage and 8.8 km footpath have been constructed in the areas, said Mithun Chandra Shill, adding that tree plantation is also a component of the project.

“We also have installed LED street lights to help reduce smuggling, theft and other crimes,” he also said.

DSCC sources said the project to develop newly formed wards under the city corporation areas started in January 2017 and expected to finish in June this year with an estimated cost of Tk 773.98 crore.

The development scheme covers DSCC wards 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68 which were previously under Shyampur, Sarulia, Dania and Matuail unions.

Md Ismail Hossain, an English teacher at Shamsul Haque Khan School and College, said “The road in front our school was in very bad condition, only a light rain would clog water in front our school and approach road. Our students had to wade through murky water.”

Mahmud, a rickshaw puller of Basherpul area of Sarail, said, “There had been waist to chest high water in the Basherpul-Mautial Mridhabari road. Plying of rickshaws or other vehicles during the rainy season was impossible.”

Besides, 7,794 LED lights have been installed along the stretch of the roads which now eliminate the streets that once remained dark after the sunset.

Besides the road development, the drainage systems have also been developed under the project.

 “Around 80 per cent of the project work has been completed and the remaining 20 per cent will be finished by June this year,” Mithun Chandra Shill said.

Talking to the daily sun, sub-assistant engineer of DSCC Zone-5 Sudeb Kumar said, “We have not only constructed new roads under the project, we have also widened those. From Nur Mosque to Signboard area, we have constructed 1,960 meters road with 7.8 average widths to help make more room for vehicle movement. The road from Basherpul to Matuail Mridha Bari has been turned into a 2260 meters paved road with a width of 7.80 meters.”

During a recent visit to the newly formed four unions which were added under DSCC, the correspondent did not find any newly planted trees in the project areas.

Though tree plantation was one of the major components of the development project which would finish next month, no trees have been planted yet.

Asked, DSCC additional chief engineer Md Asaduzzaman suggested this correspondent contact the project director.

But project director Kazi Md Borhan Uddin, also the superintendent engineer of DSCC, could not be reached over the phone despite several attempts. 

A DSCC official, however, said the tree plantation work will begin soon, adding that tree plantation was not planned for some selected areas under the project.