Owners remove FSCD warnings from risky bldgs

Mahabub Alam

9th May, 2019 11:36:58 printer

After the fire at Banani FR Tower, Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) identified 120 buildings in the capital as risky and hung banners, but the building authorities removed the banners.  

The banner of FSCD reads: “This building is very risky in the issue of fire safety. All are requested to be alert.” 

Now, people inside the risky buildings unconsciously live and work risking lives.

Of the 120 buildings, there are a number of shopping malls too. In case of any fire incident at any such building, a huge loss of lives and properties may happen, said a senior firefighter.

After hanging banners, the building owners were issued letters depicting their structures risky; they were asked to take necessary steps but they did not pay heed to FSCD notice, he added.

Senior station officer at Baridhara Fire Station Abul Kalam Azad said, “If we recommend fire exit measures for the buildings, the owners feel reluctant to incorporate them. They will enrich the beauty of their buildings and take advantages.”

“After the fire at FR Tower, we surveyed the buildings at Gulshan, Baridhara and Banani, and found most of the buildings to be fire risky. So, we have hung banners. The building owners removed the banners thinking it to be an insult to them,” he said.

Assistant Director of FSCD Abdul Halim has said they have no authority to file case against those who removed the banners. The law of FSCD has limitation in this regard.

Visiting Bangabazar Shopping Complex at Phulbaria, it was found that the banner which was hung by FSCD was removed.

Dulal Ahmed Khan, law affairs secretary of Bangabazar Complex Business Association, told this correspondent the firemen hung the banner, and they removed it as the market committee took fire safety measures.

When contacted, Deputy Director of Dhaka Division at FSCD Debashis Bardhan said they would hang the banners again in the running month.

He said, “We hung the banners as we found the buildings to be fire risky. We asked the buildings authorities to take fire safety measures. Our monitoring is going on. We will hang the banners again.”

On the shopping malls, he said if any fire incident occurs, a massacre will be created as hundreds of shoppers from all walks of life visit there.