Preventing Thalassemia

Youths urged to have electrophoresis blood test before marriage

8th May, 2019 10:35:30 printer

RANGPUR: Health experts at a post rally discussion on Wednesday stressed on inspiring youths to conduct electrophoresis blood tests before getting married to prevent the genetically inherited disease of thalassemia to unborn babies, reports BSS.

They made the observation at the discussion arranged by Rangpur Mother and Children Hospital (RMCH) at its conference room here in observance of the World Thalassemia Day-2019.

Earlier, the RMCH brought out a huge colourful rally, participated by physicians, health officials and nurses of different government and private sector hospitals from Town Hall premises on the city streets.

With Chairman of RMCH Professor Dr MA Wahed in the chair, Associate Prof of Rangpur Prime Medical College and Hospital Dr Ferdous Rahman addressed the discussion as the main resource person. Dr Wahed said thalassemia is an autosomal recessive blood disorder which gets inherited from parents to children through genes to cause destruction of red blood cells affecting formation of hemoglobin in human body to cause anemia.

“Seven percent people in Bangladesh are suffering from thalassemia and 40-lakh children are affected by the disease. Every year, 10 to 12 thousand babies are being born in the country with thalassemia disease that has no effective treatment,” he said.

Dr Rahman said thalassemia causes complications like bone deformities, iron overload, cardiovascular illnesses, heart palpitations, enlarged liver, jaundice, enlarged spleen, enlarged bones of cheeks or forehead and delayed puberty.

He put special importance on enhancing public awareness about the disease, inspiring both male and female youths in conducting electrophoresis blood tests before getting married to prevent the genetically inherited thalassemia disease.