Brexit: Labour supports a referendum with caveats | 2019-05-01 |

Brexit: Labour supports a referendum with caveats


1st May, 2019 11:40:05 printer

Brexit: Labour supports a referendum with caveats

Labour's governing body has agreed to support a further referendum on Brexit under certain circumstances.

The National Executive Committee met to decide the wording of its manifesto for May's European elections.

It rejected the idea of campaigning for a referendum under all circumstances - as supported by deputy leader Tom Watson and many ordinary members.

But the party will demand a public vote if it cannot get changes to the government's deal or an election.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) oversees the overall direction of the party and is made up of representatives including shadow cabinet members, MPs, councillors and trade unions.

The UK will have to take part in European Parliamentary elections on 23 May unless a Brexit deal is accepted by MPs before then.

Labour agreed a policy at its last conference that if Parliament voted down the government's withdrawal deal with the EU - which it has effectively done three times - or talks ended in no-deal, there should be a general election.