Poetry book by poet Nur Hossain Al Kaderi- 'Dhup Dhoasha' revealed

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30th April, 2019 03:36:24 printer

Poetry book by poet Nur Hossain Al Kaderi- 'Dhup Dhoasha' revealed

The first poetry book by poet Nur Hossain Al Kaderi- 'Dhup Dhoasha' has been revealed at last.


The book was unwrapped on Wednesday, April 24 by none other than the celebrated poet and litterateur Nirmalendu Goon at a Gulshan restaurant in an unostentatious ceremony. The publisher of Bangla Gobeshona Anowara Shirin, poet Afzalul Bashar, poet Nur Hossain Al Kaderi, artist Nuzhat Tabassum Binti and managing director of Halda Valley Food and Beverage Ltd. Shamim Khan were present there along with others.


As a matter of fact, although 'Dhup Dhoasha' was written by Nur Hossain Al Kaderi, the book is also furnished with impressive artworks by Lutfunnesa Nipa and Nuzhat Tabassum Binti. Meanwhile, Halda Valley had overseen the entire work with a promise of qualitative help all the time.


In the program, managing director of Halda Valley Food and Beverage Shamim Khan said, "We wish to develop the trend of creative, genuine and life-experience-inspired good literature. We hope that all of you will love the efforts made by us to enrich the literary people's soul. Halda Valley will continue helping in the years to come just like this time for the poets or writers to get published."


Poet Afzalul Bashar says, "Bangala Gobeshona and Halda Valley have cooperated with each other to publish Dhup Dhoasha. I welcome such a noble initiative by a business corporation. 29 Illustrations are rightfully placed in it beside 30 poems." 


Poet Nur Hossain Al Kaderi started his speech with a recitation of Nirmalendu Goon's poem 'Ami Aaj Karo Rokto Chaite Ashini'. He added, he generally writes on a Facebook group platform called 'Postbox', although his poems got published in other poem collections with other poets, this is his first individual poetry book. He expressed gratitude towards Halda Valley for publishing his first book.


Poet Nirmalendu Goon talked about Dhup Dhoasha calling it an aesthetic publication. He praised the poems and illustrations of the book highly. He added that the illustrations stand out vividly on their own, not to mention the poems do too. He praised the two young artists and their works. He spoke about the importance of modernism in literature and opined that literature will move forward with the advancement of science of technology.


He also added that such a pleasant mixture of art and poem is rare to find. He recited the poem 'Kobitar Deshe' by Nur Hossain Al Kaderi and said that it was an exquisite one. He had never seen any country other than Bangladesh where people have so much love for poetry. Everywhere in the country there are book fairs and poetry celebrations being held, and not just in Dhaka. So, poet Nirmalendu Goon strongly remarked that the time has come to claim that Bangladesh is the country of poetry.


The book has been priced 1000 BDT which can be easily ordered on Daraz, Bagdoom or bought directly from the Facebook page and the website of Halda Valley.