Temperature jumps to 39.4°C, discomfort in big cities

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25th April, 2019 04:49:58 printer

Temperature jumps to 39.4°C,  discomfort in big cities

Mild to moderate heat wave is sweeping over different districts across the country as temperature rose to about 4000c on Thursday.

Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) confirmed it.

BMD said this latest trend of heat waves will continue across the country for next 3 to 4 days. It also forecast rain after 3 to 4 days.

BMD also predicted that the temperature in coming Friday will increase more than that of today.

The highest temperature in the country today was recorded 3904 Celsius in Khulna district.

According to BMD, the latest forecast of temperature was recorded around 2:00pm today.

The highest temperature in Dhaka districts was recorded 3802 Celsius and in Madaripur, it was 3806 Celsius.

Earlier, BMD websites forecast maximum temperature 3606 C, 3600 C and 3606 C for Dhaka, Madaripur and Khulan respectively.

It denoted nearly 300 Celsius increased within a single day. This showed a sharp rise in recent temperature trend in different districts across the country.

People in the big cities restricted themselves from visiting outside homes and workplaces.

Mofizur Rahman, a rickshaw puller of Mohammadpur of the capital, told daily sun, “It is unbearable for rickshaw pullers like us to paddle. The body sweats frequently.”

“I am drinking oral saline and pulling the rickshaw today,” he added.