E-commerce a new growth engine for N Zealand-China trade

24th April, 2019 11:01:08 printer

WELLINGTON: More and more New Zealand brands are eyeing China's online market, but instead of fighting alone, they now do it collectively as a consortium and are promoted with the help of the government.

With the launch of the New Zealand Country Flagship Store last Wednesday on Tmall Fresh under China's e-commerce giant Alibaba, an array of high-quality kiwi food products have been put at the fingertips of Chinese consumers and sent to their dinner tables from a country 7,000 miles away, reports Xinhua.

With a few taps on the Tmall mobile homepage, Chinese consumers, whose appetite for high-end imported food products is booming with the rise of discretionary income, can browse and select from an assortment of New Zealand food products.

The flagship store is a joint venture between Tmall Fresh and the New Zealand Food Basket Ltd., which comprises of 18 of the country's most-reputable food and beverage brands.

Nicola O'Rourke, chairperson of the consortium, said the opening of the flagship store offers these brands a direct connection to Chinese consumers.

"It will significantly improve our reach and shorten the supply chain in a way that each brand couldn't achieve alone," she said.