Chinese man sues supermarket for 0.6 cents

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24th April, 2019 03:53:52 printer

Chinese man sues supermarket for 0.6 cents

A man from northwest China has successfully sued a local supermarket that short-changed him out of 0.04 yuan (0.6 US cents), according to a local news website.

A court in Xian, Shaanxi province, ruled that the plaintiff, surnamed Xiao, had not been given the change he was due and ordered the Yonghui supermarket chain to pay back the 0.04 yuan and to cover legal costs of 50 yuan, reported on Wednesday.

In the video Xiao showed a receipt showing he had bought 54.76 yuan worth of items from Yonghui on February 2.

“I paid 55 yuan in cash, and they gave me 0.2 yuan in change,” he said. “They illegally took 0.04 yuan. By filing the lawsuit, I only wanted them to return the 0.04 yuan that should be mine.”

“In regard to this, we apologise again to Mr Xiao and the wider public.”


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