Diarrhoea of epidemic proportion

20th April, 2019 10:52:20 printer

Diarrhoea has taken a serious turn in the capital. An increasing number of people are being affected by this water-borne disease. Every day, hundreds of patients are crowding different hospitals of the city, especially icddrb,b – a hospital specialised in the treatment of diarrhoea and other intestinal diseases. The scenario is almost the same in some districts of the country. Hospitals find it difficult to tackle the problem. Experts predict that the situation is very likely to aggravate in days to come.

The sweltering heat all over the country is the natural factor that leads to the epidemic. Though the recorded temperature is not that much alarming, people feel more heat because of the formation of a trap on the cooling system in the environment due to high percentage of humidity, as a front page story of this daily reports. With the advent of the summer, outbreak of intestinal diseases is a recurring phenomenon in the city. But human factors also have a role in aggravating the situation. Intake of contaminated water and unsafe foods and unhygienic practices are the other reasons for the outbreak of the disease.

Finding safe water is very often a difficult job in the city. The water supplied by WASA is very mush contaminated and carries the germs of different intestinal diseases. Slum dwellers and other toiling masses have no option other than taking this dirty and foul-smelling water. They cannot afford to collect bottled water or purify water before drinking.

People can remain safe by drinking safe water and avoiding unhygienic foods. Use of oral rehydration salt is a must for diarrhoea patients of all ages.

Easy and affordable access to safe water is a matter of right of the people; and it is one of the most fundamental obligations of the authorities to ensure supply of pure water round the year. The government is yet to supply adequate quantities of drinkable water as a first line of defence against water-borne diseases of all types. It is time to pay attention to the issue. Authorities should also supply people with water-purifying tablets or such other reagents.