WASA rubbishes TIB findings

Staff Correspondent

20th April, 2019 08:06:08 printer

WASA rubbishes TIB findings

Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority on Saturday rejected and criticized the findings of Transparency International Bangladesh.

Managing director of Dhaka WASA, MD Taksim A Khan termed the findings of the research of anti-graft body TIB as low quality, sweeping and one sided to get cheap reputation.

He also trashed the report of irregularities, not supplying drinkable water and bad governance.

He said, “It is not professional research findings, it has become like a report.”

MD of the water supply and sewerage authority of Dhaka came up with the rejection

talking at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity.

MD said, “TIB conducted research titled “Dhaka WASA: Challenges and way forward” focuses on three issues to review the legal frameworks, to identify institutional limitations and challenges to ensure water and sewerage services, to measure satisfaction and experience of service recipients.”

But we have found less work has been done on the first topic while they did specify and clarify the institutional limitations and challenges. But we have seen have focused one issue that to measure satisfaction and experience of recipients, he said.