Dealing with overhead dangers

19th April, 2019 11:11:26 printer

Walking across Dhaka city roads when we look above our heads, we see an ugly jungle of cables and wires. These are not only irritating to the eyes of city dwellers but also posing danger to the safety of unsuspecting pedestrians.

Taking the matter into account, Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) has reportedly undertaken a Tk 1,900-crore project for taking power distribution lines underground. This is welcome. But when the DPDC is making efforts to remove the overhead cables, our report says, cable TV operators and internet service providers are making the matter worse by hanging heavy black wires illegally from electric poles.

These overhead cables and wires not only spoil the beauty of city landscape but also a source of danger, particularly during rains or storms. There are numerous incidents of pedestrians being electrocuted to death from dangling wires during strong wind or heavy rain.

Widespread presence of billboards is another source of overhead danger. Presently, most of the billboards structures are in a shabby condition and they may collapse anytime during storm or strong wind, and may cause damage to vehicles and injuries and even death of commuters. The High Court asked the city authorities to remove illegal billboards, banners, posters, festoons and graffiti from the city. But so far the occasional drives lunched by the city corporations have proved ineffective. There is a need for continuous drive against all illegal billboard advertisers and exemplary punishment should be awarded to those who break the law.

Besides, we hope the government will strengthen the DPDC’s effort to take overhead electric cables underground. Similarly, cable TV operators and internet service providers should instructed to set up underground lines. No doubt this is going to be a mammoth task. But if can be successfully implemented, our beloved Dhaka city will become safer and more beautiful as well.