5 summer coolers packed with health benefits

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19th April, 2019 11:02:57 printer

5 summer coolers packed with health benefits


In  the scorching heat of summer, you need to rely on natural summer body coolers to make your organs function properly. These summer coolers can be a part of your healthy summer diet and can keep your body on track by helping you to stay hydrated and replace the minerals that are lost when you sweat. These fresh fruity drinks are a good source of electrolytes and keep your body toxin-free by eliminating excess fluids.


Here is a list of amazingly delicious and perfectly nutritious summer drinks:


· Bael juice– Grab on this tasty fruit juice for its medicinal and cooling properties. Consuming this juice is one of the most common ways to stay fit and healthy during summer season. Drink it before lunch or dinner to reduce heat and thirst of your body. Honey can be added as a potent cure for acidity. The sweet and pleasant bael juice can also be consumed to increase appetite, decrease skin rashes and other summer-related health issues. Flavoured with black salt, black pepper powder, cumin powder and mint leaves, bael juice is the perfect summer favourite to cool yourself on a hot sunny day. Since the fruit is naturally sweet, you need not add any additional sugar. So it is good for diabetics and those working for weight loss.


· Peach juice– This is a fantastic juice to beat the heat during the hot months. It will be a helpful remedy to ease many summer-related health issues. For making this summer beverage you will require some fresh peaches, sugar and chilled water. It’s a new way to enjoy this fruit in a glass. Peach juice is thicker than your average juice because its foamy goodness is not strained because of its mild flavour. Use a powerful blender if you do not want to take the extra time to peel those babies. A powerful blender helps chop them nicely that you do not really notice while sipping the juice. Chill the whole peaches for five to six hours before blending them.


· Orange juice with a touch of mint leaves– This orange juice refreshed with mint leaves is a masterpiece among summer coolers. For preparing this juice, you have to take out juice from oranges and then add fresh mint leaves in the chilled juice. You can also blend mint leaves with orange segments in the blender. Being high in several necessary nutrients, this juice has tons of benefits regarding various summer health issues. Oranges boost overall resistance and aid digestion, mint on the other hand is one of the best digestive and cooling herb. By combining the health-giving properties of oranges with mint leaves, this juice makes for a powerful body cleanser.


· Muskmelon juice– Melon is known for its cooling properties. It cools the body effectively which is very much needed while suffering from scorching heat of summer. You can add a little apple juice to make it more tasty and effective. The lovely sweet and soft flesh of muskmelon has lots of water content. Just blend the flesh with little sugarcane juice or jaggery or sugar in a high speed blender until smooth. Sip it chilled to combat the heat of summer. In this high-fibre and rich-antioxidant juice, you need not add water, just add few ice cubes if required.


· Watermelon juice- Watermelon is a perfect summer-time treat. It is a good source of antioxidants and electrolytes. It keeps you hydrated and can be an instant remedy to sun stroke and heat during summer season. Watermelon is loaded with 92 percent of water content. It is one of the best thirst quenchers. This juice is not only nutrient dense but it can also protect skin, heart, kidneys and the overall health during summer. You can add rose petals to this juice. It will double its cooling properties because both the ingredients are natural coolants.




· For these summer coolers, fresh fruits are mandatory! Do not try canned fruits. Select fresh-squeezed juices.


· A powerful blender works wonders.


· These juices are meant to be enjoyed fresh. Prepare them just before consumption for best results. These juices may oxidise or may not keep well if not consumed immediately after making them.


· Chill the fruits in advance and use extra cold water if required in any of the above recipe. Do not chill the juice by keeping it in refrigerator because this will change the natural taste and the juice would also lose its freshness.


· One glass every day is a choice you can put for from the given list if you need a filling drink which cools down your body and serves your sweet tooth as well. Do not consume these juices on a completely empty stomach. If you have some specific medicinal condition, it is better to consult your doctor once before incorporating these beverages in your daily diet.


Known as body healers, these summer coolers are full of amazing health benefits, especially during thesummer season. It is wise to indulge in these fresh and luscious energetic juices, as they offer an array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and keep heat at bay.


These cool drinks are wonderful thirst and heat busters – Perfect to chill, cool off and relax!