Self-motivational kits for tertiary students

A brief guide to purposeful destination

Mokaddes Ahmed Dipu

17th April, 2019 10:31:29 printer

Self-motivational kits for
tertiary students

In my little experience in tertiary teaching profession, I have found that most of the students do not find any meaningful purpose for their higher education. They are running after grades and degrees blindly; and they believe with those degrees they will get a good or a random job meaning they grow a money-making tendency. By this time, they miss to find the bigger picture of the mind and do not see any meaningful purpose which can satisfy their minds and motivate them to do hard work to accomplish the purpose. Eventually, many of them feel extremely frustrated and consider their coursework as a great burden. But why? Probably, because of lack of expressive purpose, they cannot convince their mind to go for extra mileage in terms of hard work.

Verily, just a job cannot be the purpose of life, as there is something deeper inside which feeds our soul to go beyond our capacity to thrive and grow. That’s the purpose! Say for example, someone likes to work in a hospital as a doctor, his purpose should be serving the helpless patients with best of his caring capacity rather than just being a duty doctor. If someone likes to do job in an Admin Cadre, his purpose should be serving the country and the citizen with best of his responsive authority rather than just being a powerful government employee. Likewise, for a teacher mere teaching some courses and examining should not be the purpose. His greater purpose should be to develop his students as capable human resources for building a better nation. Similarly, every profession- be it business, be it research or whatsoever- has some greater purposes rather than just doing the job and earning livelihoods. When we forget the purpose and mere stick to the job itself, we do not feel motivated to bear with it and we fail to persuade our mind to work hard. Consequently, we struggle with the studies, we feel stressed and many of us indulge into frustration.

I would like to take the privilege to share some words which can change our way of life for quality living by overcoming the frustration level. Firstly, we need to cultivate three magical words in our mind- Passion, positive attitude and positive believing. Secondly, we need to ensure three desired actions in our life - respect to all, integrity in action and accountability and responsibility.

As already discussed, life is meaningless without PURPOSE. Most importantly, we should carefully listen to our heart to find the PURPOSEFUL passion and we should follow that passion. If we do something just for the sake of doing, we are actually wasting our time and we are not going to enjoy the life in any way! There is a nice saying, “Do what you love and love what you do”. Consequently, life will be enjoyable amidst the stress. Then we need to believe in ourselves positively and embrace even the worst things with the most positive attitude. That leaves us in an amazing feeling. These simple magical words might sound typical but believe me these are so powerful that can really make a difference in anyone’s life.

In everyday life, we meet diverse people or we work with the people who have different opinions and thoughts. Many a time we become intolerant when there are disagreements with people! As enlightened people, we should present our disagreements with ultimate politeness. Having had the badge of higher education, we must remember to be respectful to all under any circumstances. It promotes love, compassion and goodness. Furthermore, we need to be firmly aware of our responsibilities and accountabilities and keep our heart clean by showing ‘integrity in action’ in every sphere of life! Again these actions seem pretty simple but these can bring about a significant change not only in our life but also in the country. And the youngster students are the most capable persons who can definitely bring the change.

Unfortunately, hurdles of our life make us awfully frustrated very often. But do we know from where this frustration comes? It is not just failure! Most of our frustration comes from continuous comparison with the achievements of the others without knowing even one’s own goal and purpose. Hence, I strongly suggest the youngsters to set their own goal based on their purpose. Compare today’s YOU with yesterday’s YOU. It will at least make you a better person if not a billionaire. Don’t you like to be a better person?


The writer is an Assistant Professor of Marketing, Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) Email: [email protected]