Walton's Baishakhi offer 14.26% discount on TV

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3rd April, 2019 07:51:02 printer

 Walton's Baishakhi offer 14.26% discount on TV

Electronics giant ‘Walton’ is offering 14.26 percent cash discounts on all models of its LED and smart televisions on the occasion of ‘Pahela Baishakh-1426.


Under the ongoing nationwide ‘Walton Digital Campaign Season 4’, customers of Walton televisions are likely to get 14.26 percent cash discounts or sure cash back of different values through registering their televisions just after the purchase from any Walton plaza or distributors’ outlet all over the country until April 15.


In addition, customers will enjoy free home delivery and 5 to 10 percent discounts on the online purchase of Walton televisions from E-Plaza. Now, the online customers can buy 32-inch LED televisions at Tk 16,625 and the same size’ smart television, featured with ‘Android 7’ operating system at Tk 21,755 from Walton E-plaza.


At present, prices of Walton brand 39-inch and 43-inch smart televisions are set at Tk 33,900 and Tk 36,900 respectively. Now, prices of Walton 49-inch and 55-inch smart TVs were set at Tk 65,900 and Tk 69,900 respectively.


Walton set the price of its 20-inch LED TV at Tk 11,900; 24-inch at Tk 12,990; 28-inch at Tk 17,200; 39-inch at Tk 27,900; 43-inch at Tk 29,900; 49-inch at 49,900 and 55-inch at Tk 59,900.


‘Made in Bangladesh’ product Walton televisions are now exported to different countries of Asia, Middle East and Africa continents.