Five tips to dye your hair

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2nd April, 2019 01:32:49 printer

Five tips to dye your hair

Dyeing the hair is the single most activity in the vanity department that has the most amounts of transformational quality. (If done right) it can take your entire look from drab to fab.


It’s your sure shot way of getting a brand new look, a new start or whatever it is convince yourself to get your hair dyed.


Point is, we do not know of one person who hasn’t at least thought of dyeing their hair. While the brave ones went ahead with it, the skeptics stayed back, because they didn’t know the right thing to do.


Much like foundation, your undertone plays a huge role when it comes picking a colour tone for your hair.


However, unlike picking a foundation shade, the general rule of thumb for picking a hair colour is picking the one with the opposite of your undertone, as the hair colour complements the skin better when the contrast.


So if you have a warm undertone, pick up from the blue side of the colour spectrum. If you’re of the cool undertone, think gold, copper or bronze. If you have a neutral undertone, pick anything. If you need a visual aid, use an app like YouCam that helps you change the colour of your mane, visually.


After you’ve chosen your hair colour, the next big step is the prep. Depending on the colour you’ve chosen you may have to bleach your hair.


If you’ve picked a bright hue, the best way usually is to bleach the hair. There’s no way out of it, unless you have naturally blonde hair, in that case, the blonde hue needs to be lifted. Only then will the vibrant blue, green or pink would look vibrant on your hair.


If you’ve colored your hair into a much darker hue, you can’t colour them back into a lighter hue unless bleach into a lighter one. If you think about it, it isn’t rocket science.


If your hair is dyed into a darker hue, your hair has all the pigment it can hold. Compare it to a glass half full. You can’t fill up a glass half full. Same way, your red colour hue won’t show up on brunette hair, unless you bleach the hair.


Semi-permanent hair colour usually makes a huge hue and cry about not having any ammonia. However, ammonia or peroxide is the ingredient that latches on the colour on to your hair.


Hence, a semi-permanent colour won’t last long on hair. Do not pick those over the counter hair colour options thinking you will be transformed completely. The only thing you will be is disappointed.