Why potassium is so important for our health

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1st April, 2019 02:42:16 printer

Why potassium is so important for our health

We already know that potassium is a vital nutrient we need to keep our bodies healthy. However, many people may not realize just how powerful its benefits really are.


 It is essential to help regulate muscle contractions, regulate fluid and help the proper functioning of nerve signals.


From managing blood pressure levels to preventing a stroke, here are some of the important reasons you need to add foods that are rich in potassium to your diet.

1. Helps to lower high blood pressure: This condition is becoming a growing problem across the globe. Managing it is important as it could lead to serious health issues like heart disease. Consuming foods that are rich in potassium can help lower blood pressure and get rid of excess sodium in the body, as high amounts of it can increase blood pressure to dangerous levels. Researchers found that when people with high blood pressure consumed foods that contained high amounts of potassium, it helped improve their condition drastically.

2. Reduces the risk of stroke: Lack of blood flow to the brain causes one to experience a stroke. Multiple studies have found consuming potassium-rich foods can help reduce the chances of experiencing a stroke. In a study conducted on 128,644 participants, researchers discovered that people consumed high amounts of potassium had a 24% lower risk of stroke compared to people who ate little of it. Studies have also found it can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. Helps prevent osteoporosis: While calcium is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to improving bone health, potassium can help prevent osteoporosis. This is because it helps the body retain calcium instead of losing it. Research has found people who consumed potassium have more bone mass, especially in their hip bones.

4. Water retention: Water retention occurs when there is a build-up of too much fluid. Potassium helps to reduce water retention by reducing the levels of sodium and increases the production of urine.

5. Nervous System: Potassium helps improve the functioning of nerve reflexes, which is essential to help the body convey messages from one part to the other. It also helps muscle contraction so it can function properly without feeling exhausted.

Here are foods that are rich in potassium that you need to incorporate into your diet:

Fresh fruit juices, Citrus Fruits, Grains, Chicken, Salmon, Acorn squash, Sweet potatoes, Whole milk, Almonds, Coconut water, Bananas, Avocados, White beans