DO You Know?

27th March, 2019 08:56:07 printer

• Fuser rollers get up to about 401 degrees Fahrenheit! Fuser rollers are the two cylinders that heat up to adhere the toner to the page. Yes, they get very hot - but the paper moves through quickly enough to not get burned.

• About a gallon of oil is used to make one printer cartridge. They don’t use a gallon of oil in a cartridge. However, when we take into account the transportation and the process of manufacturing a cartridge, it equals about one gallon!

• Laser printers use more energy than your computer. A laser printer uses three times more power than a desktop computer while both are being used. However, when a printer isn’t in use, the desktop uses about five times more power than the printer.

• The world’s smallest printer is 2x2x11 inches. This is known as the PrintStik, and it’s made by Planon. At a meager 1.5 pounds, it’s quite portable. It’s a Bluetooth printer and it can hold up to 20 sheets of paper at a time!

• The world’s largest printer is almost 40 x 164 feet. This printer is known as Infinitus and is made by Big Image Systems. It can print an image up to almost 2,000 square feet! This printer is used for printing backdrops for TV shows, movies, and theatre productions.

• The fastest printers in the world can print 150 pages in a minute. Three-dimensional printers can print food. Yes, they can print edible food!

• There are too many ink cartridges. If all of the world’s empty ink cartridges from one year were placed end-to-end, it would circle the earth three times!

• Ink is expensive! It costs way more than oil, and even space shuttle fuel when compared by the gallon. It’s estimated that one gallon of printer ink currently costs around $2,700!