Pakistan president Arif Alvi calls for peace with India

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24th March, 2019 12:17:10 printer

Pakistan president Arif Alvi calls for peace with India


Pakistan wants peace with India and they should focus on health and education, the Pakistani president said on Saturday during on the occasion of its Republic Day.


“We do not believe in war and want to solve problems through dialogue. Instead of war we should focus on education and health,” Pakistan president Arif Alvi said in his speech.


The president, said India had blamed Pakistan for the suicidebomb attack without evidence. “Today’s parade is sending the message that we are a peaceful people but we will never be oblivious of our defence,” Alvi said.


The parade was attended by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who was invited to attend as the chief guest, and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Khan said on Twitter earlier that he had received a message from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his best wishes for Republic Day and calling for peace and regional cooperation.


“I welcome PM Modi’s message to our people,” Khan said.


“I believe it’s time to begin a comprehensive dialogue with India to address and resolve all issues.The dispute over the former princely state of Kashmir sparked the first two of three wars between India and Pakistan after independence in 1947. They fought the second in 1965, and a third, largely over what become Bangladesh, in 1971, report Hindustan Times.