Traffic police desperate for toll

Md Esaraf Hossain

21st March, 2019 11:26:04 printer

A section of police sergeants has allegedly become desperate to illegally earn money while performing their duty on the streets in the capital.

Many drivers alleged that some police sergeants target their vehicles only to extort money.

They said motorbikes and public transports are the main targets of police sergeants who lie in wait for them at different points.

“Some sergeants remain busy collecting illegal money on roads instead of maintaining traffic discipline,” Abdul Karim, a biker, told the daily sun.

He said thus police sergeants are also responsible for traffic congestion on the roads in the overpopulated metropolis.

“If a driver fails to meet their demand, they file cases against the vehicle,” Akbar Hossain, driver of an auto-rickshaw, said.

Several journalists alleged that the extortion-seeking police sergeants do not spare even their motorbikes having valid documents.

Nuruzzaman Labu, a senior reporter of Dhaka Tribune, alleged that some sergeants harass journalists in the name of checking driving licences and BRTA registration.

Another journalist said a section of police sergeants is active at Fakirapool crossing, Maniknagar Bishwa Road, Motijheel and Purana Paltan crossing in collecting toll from vehicles.

A sergeant was found collecting money illegally from several buses parked near Fakirapool crossing.     

Some city areas have become panic spots for motorcyclists and CNG drivers as a section of sergeants are involved in bribe trading in the name of checking documents. 

Some police sergeants with the help of constables and their hired middlemen are committing the crime in the area, said Shahida Begum, owner of a roadside tea-stall.  

Some cops stop vehicles on various pleas to collect illegal money.

They even take many people in custody when they fail to fulfill their demands. Later, they release them after taking toll from their relatives.          

They also seize their vehicles and valuables and later set them free in exchange for money.

Bribe trade by law enforcers from commuters on city roads are a regular phenomenon, Abdul Sattar, owner of a local saloon in Golapbagh, alleged.

In some cases, policemen take some suspects to unknown destinations by their vehicles. Later, they set them free after taking money.

Yusuf Ali, a resident of Gopibagh area, said some police patrol teams extort drivers and passengers of different rickshaws and auto-rickshaws.

Sohrab Hossain, a shopkeeper, alleged that some sergeants collect toll, halting buses and trucks on busy roads.

 Joint Commissioner of the Traffic Police (North) Mofij Uddin told this correspondent that he wasn’t aware of such misdeed by police sergeants.

He sought support from the media to identify the police officers.

“Stern action will be taken against any policemen if they are found guilty,” the police officer said.