Lion King fans can visit the real-life Pride Rock on Disney land

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21st March, 2019 08:39:39 printer

Lion King fans can visit the real-life Pride Rock on Disney land

Lion King fans, be prepared to add a brand new safari holiday to your bucket lists, immediately.


The Safari Collection is celebrating Disney's upcoming live-action remake of the iconic film with a brand new itinerary to Kenya, offering glimpses into the world of Simba and his friends.


Complete with a trip to the real-life Pride Rock which inspired Disney's animators.


In fact, you'll even get private guiding from Robert Carr-Hartley who was involved in the creation of the original 1994 film.


He was the animation team's guide during their research safari and helped in the creation of Pumbaa, as well as sharing Kenyan sayings - which eventually led to the glory that is Hakuna Matata.


The once-in-a-lifetime holiday kicks off with an overnight stay at Nairobi's world-famous Giraffe Manor, where herds of resident giraffes join guests for breakfast and tea, often poking their necks through the windows to share tasty treats.


Wander through the grounds and you could spot Pumbaa and his family of friendly warthogs who roam free in the forest sanctuary.


Next on the itinerary is a short flight to Laikipia, for a two-night stay at the Borana Lodge - the same place where the Disney animators stayed.


You can climb to the top of the real-life Pride Rock yourself and take in the views of everywhere the light touches.


Then it's on to the main horizon pool where, although you won't be getting visits from Mufasa's spirit, you can look out for the exciting wildlife who gather here. Including those pesky hyenas!


Following a stay at Borana Lodge with its incredible views of the landscape, it's on to Samburu for two nights at The Safari Collection’s Sasaab, close to the Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserve.



Just can't wait to be king? You'll get to stay in the lap of luxury in the Moroccan-styled rooms with enormous open-air bathrooms and private plunge pools, as well as views toward Mount Kenya.


Meanwhile, you'll learn all about the history of Mufasa, Simba and Nala as you explore the lion conservation centre, where you can also visit the Ewaso Lion Warriors.



The conservation initiative was developed by Dr Shivani Bhalla to help Samburu warriors become ambassadors for lions within their communities, while raising awareness about conservation and advocating for peaceful co-existence with lions and wildlife.


Here Robert will also teach guests how to track and identify lions, and learn more about how the eco system has flourished.



Source: Mirror