Summer-like weather prevails in country | 2019-03-17 |

Summer-like weather prevails in country

Mild to moderate heat wave likely this month

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

17th March, 2019 12:17:37 printer

Summer-like weather prevails in country

Summerlike weather has been prevailing across the country for the last couple of days soon after the beginning of Chaitra, the last month of spring in the Bangla.


Normal life is being hampered as intensity of heat has increased in the capital and elsewhere in the country in the middle of the day.


Amid the summerlike heat, people prefer to remain indoors as it has become difficult to take a walk or travel outside. Day-labourers and rickshaw-pullers are the worst victims of it.


People are feeling more heat than the recorded temperature because of formation of a trap on cooling system in the environment due to higher humidity, said AKM Nazmul Haque, a meteorologist of Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).


The difference between night and day temperatures is 8 to 10 degree Celsius. Because of the phenomenon, the overall temperature is being felt much higher.


A mild (36-38 degrees) or moderate (38-40 degrees) heat wave may sweep the west and northwest parts of the country in the last part of March while a severe heat wave (over 40 degrees) and one or two mild to moderate heat wave may hit the country in April, according to a three-month forecast of BMD.


Amid the stifling summerlike temperatures, city-dwellers opted to stay indoors during daytime.


Experts suggested avoiding sunbeams and using proper protection like sunglasses, umbrella and cap while going out in the heat of the day.


The searing heat of the subtropical climate, which started in this month, has been affecting the vast swathes of the country, resulting in heat-related sickness and prompting people to get admitted into hospitals.


Physicians suggest that people drink plenty of fluids and remain cautious about taking food to prevent heat-related sickness.


The drastic change in weather over the past few days has triggered illnesses, mainly viral infections, resulting in sore throat, fever and gastroenteric disorders.


The highest temperature was 35.7 degree Celsius at Sitakunda in Chattogram on Friday and Saturday. The maximum temperature in the capital was 34.4 degree Celsius on Saturday and 33.8 degrees on Friday.


The meteorologist said there is a chance of rain during March 18 to 20 and then a heat wave may hit in country after the rain.


The other parts of the country may experience one or two mild or moderate heat waves with temperature between 36 and 40 degree Celsius.