Say no to ‘white poison’ maida

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14th March, 2019 10:16:52 printer

Say no to ‘white poison’ maida


For better or worse, maida (refined flour) is an important part of many kitchens around the world – a yummy meal solution that fits those hectic schedules and satisfies the taste buds of many people. Having such a pleasant taste, it is often used as a comfort food ingredient. But do you know about all those scary-sounding demerits contained in this food ingredient?


Here are few demerits of this popular food ingredient that is commonly found in fast foods. These demerits might make you take a U-turn the next time you are at the drive through.


Weight gain: Maida is high in carbohydrates. As far as body’s metabolism is concerned, carbohydrates help the secretion of insulin, which in turn encourages fat to be produced and stored. It leads to weight gain and obesity. Also being high in calories, this refined flour results in weight gain. It is high on glycemic index that has been linked to overeating. This again is a cause of obesity.


Spikes up sugar levels: Maida lacks nutrients and fibre. It is digested quickly and has a high gycemic index. This means that it leads to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. It may lead to type two diabetes.


Increases bad cholesterol: Regular consumption of maida increases bad cholesterol levels (LDL). It leads to various illnesses.


High blood pressure: Maida comes in the category of refined carbohydrates that increases weight, inflammation and insulin resistance, all of which are known to increase the risk of high blood pressure.


Mood swings: Maida is a refined carbohydrate that comes in the category of junk food. It is one of the biggest mood culprits that can cause your blood sugar to go up and down like a rollercoaster. It can satisfy your taste buds but could not help your mood.


Causes acidity: Frequent consumption of maida causes acidity which in turn can lead to chronic inflammation and other body issues.


Bad for digestive system: This flour is a starchy food which lacks fibre. So it congests digestive system and disrupts metabolism and the normal bowel movement.


Increases the risk of chronic diseases: Over consumption of maida can cause inflammation in the body. It can severely harm your heart, brain, skin, eyes and other body organs.


Heart disease: Maida may increase blood triglycerides, blood sugar levels and cause insulin resistance. All of these are major risk factors for heart disease, report The Statesman.