Suffering from dry hair? Use mustard oil

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13th March, 2019 08:08:41 printer

Suffering from dry hair? Use mustard oil

Winter season is on its last legs but the impact of the same is here to stay for a while. Extreme change in temperature not only impacts one's overall health, but also tends to make the skin and hair go dry and dull. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated, especially in the cold winter months.


If you have been suffering from dry hair and find it difficult to manage those tresses, then all you need to do is to bring some kitchen ingredients to help. Yes, you read that right! The ingredients you make use of on a daily basis in cooking can come to great help in improving the quality of your dead locks. One such kitchen ingredient is mustard oil or sarson ka tel. Mustard oil is an intrinsic part of any Indian household kitchen.


Indians make use of this ingredient to a vast extent. The pungent oil is known for its health-benefiting properties like boosting immunity, treating cold and is also known to provide nourishment to the skin and hair. If your tresses are unmanageable and rough, then mustard oil can come to great help.


 It may also even help encourage hair growth! Its high amount of omega-3 fatty acid content is an essential nutrient to stimulate hair growth. So, if you're someone who has always dreamt of having beautiful and lustrous long hair, here is a magic ingredient for you.

Mustard oil acts as an excellent conditioner for your hair too and makes them look lively. Quite often a dry scalp gives rise to itchiness. If you suffer from frequent bouts of scalp itchiness, then massaging your hair with mustard oil regularly would help increase the blood circulation in your scalp.