3-day ultimatum to annul DUCSU result

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12th March, 2019 08:35:05 printer

3-day ultimatum to annul DUCSU result

Liton Nandi, defeated VP candidate from left-leaning students’ coalition, declared 3-day ultimatum for reschedule of DUCSU polls, annulling the result.


He came up with this declaration before the press on Tuesday evening.


‘We will submit a written appeal to the Vice Chancellor after gathering at the Raju Vaskarya and marching with the procession for cancel of DUCSU poll result and demanding re-schedule for free and fair election.’, Said Liton Nandi. 


He also said to the journalists, ‘Then, our 5 panels, who rejected vote, will observe staying program before the Vice Chancellor office tomorrow (Wednesday). Three days’ ultimate to annul the DUCSU result will be declared there. If it is not enough, we will go for tough programs.’