Rural transport getting top priority in revised ADP

Hasibul Aman

11th March, 2019 11:32:16 printer

The transport sector is getting the highest priority in current fiscal year’s revised ADP in terms of resource allocation as the government is more focused on improving rural connectivity.

As part of the move, the Local Government Division is going to be the top ADP money recipient this year as an executing agency, Planning Commission sources said.

Tk 37,840 crore (378 billion) is being allocated for the transport sector, followed by Tk 23,420 crore for the power sector and Tk 20,085 crore for physical planning, water supply and housing sector, sources said.  

The Local Government Division is likely to get Tk 24,441 crore, the highest amount any executing agency is fetching from RADP money.

Last week, the Planning Commission finalised a draft RADP outlay of Tk 1,65,000 crore (1.65 trillion) for 2018-19 fiscal year, which is Tk 8,000 crore or 4.62 per cent lower than the original ADP allocation of Tk 1,73,000 crore.

The highest cut was made to project assistance (PA) allocation that saw as high as Tk 9,000 crore cut to Tk 51,000 crore from originally planned Tk 60,000 crore, but local resource allocation was raised by Tk 1,000 crore to Tk 1,14,000 crore.

“The prime minister has announced that villages will be turned into townships, which means that civic amenities will be provided to rural areas. We’re actually following this instruction,” said Planning Secretary Md Nurul Amin.

LGD plays a vital role in improving rural infrastructure. As a result, rural farmers can sell their produce after quickly shifting them to urban centres.  

“This helps increase connectivity among people. So, more money is being channelled to further enhance this connectivity,” the official also said.

Education and religion sector is getting Tk 15,896 crore, rural development and rural institution sector Tk 15,332 crore, science and ICT sector Tk 12,970 crore, health, nutrition, population and family welfare sector Tk 10,920 crore.

Agriculture sector will receive Tk 6,922 crore, water resource sector Tk 5,002 crore, public administration sector Tk 4,957 crore, oil, gas and natural resource Tk 2,129 crore, industry sector Tk 2,075 crore, social welfare, women and youth sector Tk 659 crore, sports and culture Tk 657 crore, labour and employment Tk 464 crore.  

In terms of agency based allocation in RADP, LGD’s money is rising by Tk 1,003 crore from original allocation, planning commission sources informed.

Power division is getting the second highest amount of Tk 23,420 crore, which is Tk 527 crore more from the previous allocation of nearly Tk 22,893 crore. Road transport and highways division is getting Tk 19,643 crore, down from Tk 20,817 crore original allocations. 

Other important agencies like science and technology ministry tasked with construction of Rooppur Nuke power plant Tk 11,845 crore, railways ministry is getting Tk 7,925 crore, primary and mass education ministry Tk 6,839 crore, housing and public works ministry Tk 3,983 crore, shipping ministry Tk 2,894 crore, energy and mineral resource division Tk 2,129 crore, among others.