Incredible desert experience in incredible India

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9th March, 2019 06:14:09 printer

Incredible desert experience in incredible India

Travelling is fun, just like a breath in fresh air. My each journey is made of countless stories, meaningful memories and new discoveries. Exploring new things is the best part of my every journey. There are lots to learn while visiting new places. I am always open to new experiences, get to know the people and the culture of each new place I visit and all memories end with some kind of change. And the feeling is different, oh-so-refreshing!

Last year, I went to an incredible country `INDIA’ and explored four cities in Rajasthan and Agra for one week. But here I will share my unforgettable experience of my first camel safari in the Golden city ‘Jaisalmer’.


Jaisalmer, the ancient fort city is famously known as `Golden City’ of India because the yellow sandstones used throughout the every architecture of the city that shines like gold.  The main attraction of Jaisalmer is to ride a camel through the rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert.

When I first came across some wonderful shots of Thar Desert in my Instagram explore, they straightaway got stuck so deep in my mind.

My dream came true when I first stepped into the sand dunes. I was totally overwhelmed to see this dusty golden beauty. 

Before getting into there we needed to book our camel safari. There are loads of companies in every alley of the city offering safaris. But I was lucky enough to get the booking done by our hotel owner. It was a great deal, only 600 rupees for two persons whereas others were offering 1,000 rupees per person. Isn’t it great?

Then I met my super cute camel ‘Bablu’ and climbed aboard for our sunset ride out into the desert. When the camel stood up, I was up high...YAY!!! 

At first, the ride was a bit less comfortable but when my camel started plodding along I got to enjoy the scenery. During the ride, my little camel handler stopped us in the mid of the desert for taking insta-worthy desert and camel pictures. Click Click! 


After one hour of riding, we reached our designated sunset point and sat on the sand to admire the sunset. OH! This was so beautiful, surreal and so romantic. I can never forget this magical view over the barren sand dunes.

Post sunset we headed towards the hotel. Though we missed the desert, safari camp under the sky was full of stars. I think, I will come back just to experience this desert campfire. All I can say, it was truly an incredible experience to witness this dramatic desert life of India. I just love every bit of it.


Source : UNB