Rohingya Crisis: US contributes $105mn to 2019 JRP | 2019-03-03 |

Rohingya Crisis: US contributes $105mn to 2019 JRP


3rd March, 2019 06:50:51 printer

Rohingya Crisis: US contributes $105mn to 2019 JRP


The United States has contributed $45.5 million to the UN World Food Program in support of the Rohingya crisis.  


This is in addition to the $60 million announced at the 2019 UN Joint Response Plan (JRP) launch in Geneva on February 15.  


This brings the total US contribution to the 2019 JRP to $105 million, said the US Embassy in Dhaka on Sunday. 


The United States is committed to helping those affected by this crisis. “We’re deeply appreciative of the generosity of the government and people of Bangladesh for opening their border and hearts to a Rohingya community that has suffered greatly," said the Embassy in a press release. 


The United States also called on all nations with the means to contribute to this global humanitarian response.


The US is the leading contributor of humanitarian assistance in response to the Rohingya crisis, said the Embassy.   


It has provided nearly $500 million since the outbreak of violence in August 2017.  


Approximately $450 million is dedicated to programmes in Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi host communities.


The new US contribution will provide lifesaving food assistance to Rohingyas to augment existing humanitarian interventions, including vouchers, so refugees can buy food in local markets, monsoon and cyclone preparedness to protect lives, and nutritional support for vulnerable children and pregnant and lactating women.


This additional funding complements ongoing US humanitarian assistance reaching more than one million Rohingyas in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi host communities, and people displaced within Myanmar and the region to provide protection, emergency shelter, food, nutrition, water, sanitation, health care, psychosocial support, and learning opportunities.  


US funding targets Bangladeshi communities impacted by this crisis. 


In Cox’s Bazar, US assistance helps improve the lives of Bangladeshis in these communities through programs expanding access to health care and better economic and education opportunities, said the Embassy. 


The US assistance also supports the efforts of humanitarian organisations and the government of Bangladesh to improve preparedness, infrastructure, and shelter for monsoon and cyclone seasons.