No Shaheed Minar at 1718 Cumilla primary schools


18th February, 2019 04:49:49 printer

No Shaheed Minar at 1718 Cumilla primary schools

Although 67 years have passed after the Language Movement majority of the primary schools in the district have no Shaheed Minar, a monument to commemorate the martyrs of the Language Movement in 1952.


Of the total 2,107 primary schools in the district, only 389 schools have Shaheed Minar while the rest have none. Besides, there are also Kindergarten schools and Ibtedayee madrasas where no Shaheed Minar was built.


Like the other years, 21st February will be observed across the country on Thursday but the students of these institutions won't get the opportunity to show their respect to the martyrs for not having Shaheed Minar of their own.


Even many of them will remain ignorant of the great Language Movement and sacrifice of the martyrs.


There are 30 Shaheed Minars among 108 primary schools in Comilla Sadar, five among 80 primary school in Laksam upazila, 91 among 185 primary schools in Debidwar upazila, 66 among 203 primary schools in Muradnagar, five among 149 primary schools in Daudkandi, 15 among 175 primary schools in Chouddogram, 20 among 148 primary schools in Brahmanpara, 41 among 154 primary schools in Barura, and 20 among 148 primary schools in Burichong.


Besides, there are 22 Shaheed Minars among 135 schools in Chandina, 12 among 92 primary schools in Homna, eight among 150 primary schools in Nangalkot, six among 65 primary schools in Meghna, seven among 104 primary schools in Monohorganj, 40 among 92 primary schools in Titash upazila, and 13 among 153 primary schools in Sadar Dakhshin upazila.


Sources said that although already information have been collected from all upazila primary education offices for constructing Shaheed Minar in all schools, no further progress was made.


Anwar Hossain Siddiqi, district primary education officer, said they have sent a list of the schools to the higher authorities concerend. There was also a discussion over the issue at the meeting of district coordination committee.


"We hope that Shaheed Minar will be constructed at all schools in phases. It is necessary to have a Shaheed Minar at every school for giving knowledge to the young leaders about the Language movement," he said.