Hearing on Jamaat’s appeal against scrapping registration soon: AG

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17th February, 2019 08:44:28 printer

Hearing on Jamaat’s appeal against scrapping registration soon: AG

Attorney General (AG) Mahbubey Alam on Sunday said initiatives will be taken soon to start hearing the appeal of Jamaat-e-Islami against the High Court verdict that scrapped its registration as a political party.


“Prime Minister recently rightly said as the appeal is pending with the Appellate Division, executive order is not being able to be passed in this regard. We will try to hold hearing of the matter soon,” the chief state counsel said at a briefing held at his office.


The trial of war criminals will continue, the attorney general said, adding “It does not matter whether they seek apology or not.”


“What is the main aim of a political party? Go to power, right? They have to take part in election to go to power. If the party has no ‘license’ whatever, how come they will take part in election? The party that is willing to do politics with the approval of the Election Commission is called underground party,” he said.


Mahbubey Alam further said people will not accept such kind of politics as the state too is not bound to provide any facility to them (party). So the reality is, if you want to do politics, you have to have the permission of the EC, he added.