Priyanka Chopra answers most searched questions on her

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17th February, 2019 01:30:55 printer

Priyanka Chopra answers most searched questions on her


Last year, actress Priyanka Chopra topped the list of most Googled Bollywood celebrities. PeeCee with her Isn’t It Romantic? co-stars Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine during the promotion of the film answered the most searched questions related to her on the internet.


Priyanka was asked a lot of questions about husband and American singer Nick Jonas, on her religion, her cars, and tattoos too.


One of the most Googled questions about Priyanka is ‘Is Priyanka Chopra Hindi?’ To which she replied, “Hindi is a language. I’m Hindu, which is the religion. It’s a slight difference. Just educate yourself.”


A question was asked if she is married to Nick Jonas. “I think a few people knew that I am married to him,” she said. Adam Devine laughed at the question and said the newlyweds were on the cover of Vogue magazine. Next question was if Priyanka was older than Nick. “Yes, I am. By 10 years, actually,” she said. Adam called her a ‘cougar’.


Another question was if she were Miss Universe. “No, I was Miss World 2000 and you should google that,” she said.


On the premiere of her film, Priyanka Chopra revealed her Valentine’s Day plan with hubby Nick Jonas and said, “We didn’t put too much pressure on it. We were not supposed to be together this Valentine’s Day because I was working in L.A. and he in London, but things moved so I am glad we can spend that time together… The pressure does not exist — he’s thoughtful and sweet all the time.”


Directed by Todd-Strauss-Schulson, Isn’t it Romantic? scheduled to release on February 13, will also feature on Netflix on 28 February 2019, report The Statesman.