BSTI seeks NBR’s support to check false declaration

Sohel Hossain Patwary

16th February, 2019 09:09:09 printer

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has sought support from National Board of Revenue (NBR) to prevent false declaration of products during imports of some fabric items.

In a recent letter to NBR, BSTI informed that some traders are using false declaration that allows certain types of products to enter the country without any testing by the state-run standards and testing institution.

As per the government rules, a total of 194 products must be tested by BSTI before unloading from ports. Getting BSTI certification mark is also mandatory for imported products like polyester blend shirting and suiting fabrics.

But flouting the rules, some traders have been found importing these two products in the name of polyester or polyester shirting to avoid LAB test before unloading the products.

BSTI in the letter has urged the tax authorities to take measures to prevent and detect such false declaration, which is also causing an influx of potentially low-quality products and a huge revenue loss for the government.

Polyester cotton blend shirting fabric is a fabric that has around 70 percent cotton. Some importers are importing these products in the name of polyester fabrics to avoid testing or the certification process.

BSTI officials said making inspection and testing mandatory for all kinds of fabric will help prevent such malpractice by some importers.

SM Ishaq Ali, director (standard) of BSTI, said they have written to NBR seeking its intervention to prevent importers from bringing these two products under false declaration.