First phase Ijtema ends with Akheri Munajat

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16th February, 2019 10:45:15 printer

First phase Ijtema ends with Akheri Munajat


The first phase of the 54th round of Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest congregation of Muslims across the world, ended with Akheri Munajat today.


The Akheri Munajat of the followers of Maulana Jubair Hassan was held on Saturday.


Maulana Jubair Hassan conducted the munajat from 10:42 am to 11:06 am.


Obaidullah Khurshid conducted hedayati bayan.


After the departure of the Jubair’s followers from the Ijtema ground, the followers of Maulana Muhammad Saad Al Kandhalvi will take part in the Biswa Ijtema on Sunday and Monday and hold their Akheri Munajat on the last day.


The first phase of the Ijtema began with ‘Aam Bayan’ (general sermons) by noted scholars after Fazr prayers on Friday.


The second phase of the Ijtema will begin on February 17 at the same venue and it is scheduled to end with Akheri Munajat on February 18.


Besides, foolproof security measures have been taken to hold the four-day Biswa Ijtema in a peaceful manner. Five control rooms, including Gazipur City Corporation, district administration, police, RAB and Ansar and VDP, have been set up to monitor the overall activities of the Tongi Ijtema.


According to the sources, 15 watch towers of police and 10 of RAB have also been set up to ensure over all security of the devotees.


Special measures have also been taken to ensure uninterrupted electricity and water supply during the Ijtema. Around 3.54 lakh gallons of fresh water will be supplied everyday through 13 deep tube-wells and 50 trucks have been engaged round the clock in removing garbage from the Ijtema ground.


Bangladesh Railway (BR) has launched four-day special train services on several destinations for the devotees participating in the congregation.


As per the special train service schedule, a juma special train service was operated on February 15 on the Dhaka-Tongi-Dhaka route.


Two special trains will be operated to Tongi from Jamalpur and Laksham on February 17.



A total of four trains in the name of “Monajat Special -1,2,3,4” will be operated on Dhaka-Tongi route on February 16, the day of first Akheri Monajat.


On the day of second Akheri Monajat on February 18, eight trains will be operated on Dhaka-Tongi route, eight on Tongi-Dhaka, one on Tongi-Laksham, one on Tongi-Akhaura, four on Tongi-Mymensingh and two on Tongi-Tangail routes.


Meanwhile, for convenience of travelling by the devotees, all inter-city, mail express and local trains heading toward the capital have been directed to halt at the Tongi Station for two minutes starting from February 12 and it will continue till February 18.


All kind of commuter train services will be suspended during the Biswa Ijtema.