EON Foods is bringing safe and healthy products to the market

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13th February, 2019 06:49:18 printer

EON Foods is bringing safe and healthy products to the market


Presented Honorable Chairman and Managing Director of EON Group of Industries  Momin Ud Dowlah, Vice-Chairman Major ABA Mesbah Ud Dowlah (Retd), General Manager (Operation), EON Foods Limited, Md. Abdul Bayes, senior officials of different departments of EON Group and my dear journalists of print and electronic media in this press conference kindly take my cordial wishes and Assalamu Alaikum.


Eon Group of Industries, one of the leading agro-based organizations of the country, has been playing an important role in the development of the agricultural sector for the last 18 years since its establishment in 2000. Initially, it started a business related with the products of animal health; it was later working relentlessly for the production of healthy products in order to maintain coordination with the marginal farmers in feed, aquaculture and agricultural security. In order to give full support to the marginal farmers or the poorer, production and marketing of 1 day aged babies from the eggs by the Lehman species parents of America.


As a result, EON Foods plans to produce and marketing completely safe and healthy products through its own brand, aiming to present a beautiful, healthy meritorious nation by bringing the local raw materials to the world through the latest advanced technology and talent insertion.


In continuation of this, with the help of local culture and nationalism, at the end of 2016, "Country Natural" brand started production and marketing of complete halal and safe products.


Initially some of the Super Shops at Dhaka have been experimenting on the sale of these manufactured products, but in response to the prospect's response, now almost all super shops at Dhaka, as well as some super shops at Chittagong and Sylhet, is being run. In the near future, initiatives will be taken to initiate these sales activities in different super-shops of different parts of the country.


Initially, production and marketing of chicken eggs and processed chicken were made through "Country Natural" brand. Later, various processed foods such as chicken breakfast sausage, Parota, chicken kofta, chicken lollipops, chicken finger, chicken burger petty, chicken breaded crispy strips , Chicken sausage, chicken garlic meatballs, chicken kiss nuggets, chicken crispy nuggets, beef burger petty and beef sausage etc have been started to produce and marketing.


In continuation of this, considering the needs of the devotee’s customers, the initiative to produce and market 11 categories products has been taken. The products are: Dal Puri, Potato Pouri, Chicken Crust, Double Bite Chicken Crochet, Vegetable Singaras, Double Bites Vegetable Singaras, Chicken Spring Roll, Double Bites Chicken Spring Roll, Vegetable Spring Roll, Double Bites Vegetable Spring Roll can be found in the various super shops. We sincerely believe that this products like the other products of Country Natural Brand will be able to attract the attention of the general public


EON Foods Limited's "Country Natural" brand products are sophisticated and are manufactured in a completely safe and healthy way through strict quality control without any touch of hands, and at the same time, the latest factory of Maona at Gazipur and Chakpara has been set up for respectively processed and further processed. Environment and Food Safety Production processes are carried out in accordance with international standards; each level of production promotes food security.


In order to ensure food security, practical and visible steps have been taken in every step of production. EON Foods offer proper Cold Chain Management, own frozen cars and the management of Tejgaon Central Wire House in different super shops and retail outlets.