Trump condemns attacks on media after BBC incident | 2019-02-13 |

Trump condemns attacks on media after BBC incident


13th February, 2019 08:51:14 printer

Trump condemns attacks on media after BBC incident


Donald Trump has condemned attacks on the media after an incident involving a BBC cameraman at the US president's rally in Texas on Monday.


A White House statement did not refer to the specific incident.


The BBC's Ron Skeans was shoved and sworn at by a man in a Make America Great Again cap in El Paso.


The BBC later asked the White House to review security for media attending President Trump's rallies.


In a letter, the BBC said the press area was unsupervised, and no security had tried to intervene during the incident.


The White House statement, from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, added: "We ask that anyone attending an event do so in a peaceful and respectful manner."


Mr Trump has been critical of media, which he has called the enemy of the people.


After Monday's incident, Mr Trump's campaign team thanked law enforcement for ejecting the unidentified man.


"An individual involved in a physical altercation with a news cameraman was removed from last night's rally," said Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer for Trump for President Inc.


"We appreciate the swift action from venue security and law enforcement officers."


What happened at the rally?


The man, who a Trump campaign official said appeared to be drunk, gave Mr Skeans a "very hard shove", according to the cameraman.



Mr Skeans said the man almost knocked him and his camera over twice before he was wrestled away by a blogger.


President Trump saw the attack, checked they were well with a thumbs up and continued his speech after Mr Skeans returned the gesture.


BBC Washington producer Eleanor Montague and Washington correspondent Gary O'Donoghue were sitting in front of the camera.


Ms Montague said the protester had attacked other news crews but Mr Skeans "got the brunt of it".


What is the background?


The president went to El Paso, on the US border with Mexico, to campaign for a border wall, a divisive issue which caused the longest government shutdown in US history.


Ms Montague said the president had spoken of "fake news" and how the media misrepresented him in the run up to the assault.