Are we losing battle against mosquitoes?

13th February, 2019 12:16:56 printer

Despite investing over a hundred crore taka in last five years and employing modern apparatus and equipment, our mighty city authorities are apparently fighting a losing battle against tiny mosquitoes. As a consequence, the bloodthirsty predators can be seen breeding profusely and swarming all over the city triumphantly, making life irritating and smarting. The predators have gone so out of control and become so reckless to cause serious inconvenience to their human counterpart both at home and workplaces even in day time. In a word, the mosquito menace has gripped all localities of the city irrespective of whether it is a posh area or a suburb.

Conventional methods of quelling the tiny predators, like use of mosquito net, burning of coils, and spray of chemical repellents sometimes fail to give protection from their bites. Moreover, the marauders are quick to develop resistance to coils and sprays, making it difficult to fight them back. These insects are not only irritants but also a potent carrier of various health hazards. When they suck blood, they inflict bacteria of some life-threatening diseases like malaria, dengue and other vector-borne diseases.

We wonder why the authorities failed to deal with the menace effectively, even after getting huge budgetary allocation. According to a report in yesterday’s daily sun, mosquito control budget is going up every year, but the menace is not going down. DSCC had a budget of Tk 25.5 crore for mosquito control in 2017-18 fiscal year which has increased to Tk 27.75 crore in the current fiscal year. The DNCC budget was Tk 20 crore for the same purpose in 2017-18 fiscal year which has increased to Tk 21 crore this fiscal year. In total, the two city corporations spent around Tk 131 crore in the last five years on mosquito control -- DNCC Tk 66.76 crore and DSCC Tk 64.20. So, what is the result? Zero?

It calls into question whether the money allocated to fight mosquito has been used properly, or corrupt officials gobbled up the government fund. We demand an explanation.