Woman reveals brutal bullying for her baby bump | 2019-02-11

Woman reveals brutal bullying for her baby bump

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11th February, 2019 06:20:12 printer

Woman reveals brutal bullying for her baby bump

A mum-of-two has told of how she was brutally bullied over the size of her bump during her pregnancy.

Elisha Bakes, 30, from Melbourne, Australia was told her bump was "gross" and that she "must be expecting a horse" while pregnant with her son Kaelen.


The mum, who works as a personal assistant, gave birth last month but struggled to cope with the deluge of negative comments while expecting.


Elisha, who already has a son, Kyson, 21 months, with her partner Tane, says the negative comments started when she shared a picture on Instagram of her at 14 weeks.


Immediately, people started telling her she must have got her date wrong as she looked much further along.

Elisha would explain that she is only five-foot-three-inches tall, while her partner is six-foot-three-inches tall.


Naturally, this would likely cause a bump which looked large in proportion to Elisha's small frame.


People continued to criticise the size of Elisha's bump, even telling her that she was eating too much and assuming her diet was unhealthy as they thought her bump was far too large.


As her pregnancy progressed the comments only became worse as people told Elisha she looked as if she was "expecting 78 babies".

"I had such a good pregnancy though in terms of health. I didn't experience any sickness, but I was always hungry. The last couple of months were the hardest because I experienced a lot of pelvic pains and the last month or so it was very hard to walk and be out and about.

"When I was fourteen weeks pregnant the comments started. As this was my second pregnancy, I popped a lot sooner than the first time.


"I posted a picture when I was fourteen weeks and people were saying I must have the date wrong and be much further along, or I was eating too much and not being healthy.

"When my third trimester started, I started to receive more and more comments about my growing baby bump. They would always be very repetitive, including that I was having 78 kids, people saying I was giving birth to a horse or it must have been triplets.


"People would also say hurtful things like 'why is her bump so big? I better not get like this' and that it was the biggest bump they'd ever seen.

"People would even comment on my Instagram pictures saying the size of my bump was gross and say, 'I hope I never get that big'.


Elisha said: "I found out I was pregnant when I was six weeks along, I had just stopped breastfeeding my son and we fell pregnant straight away.